Pilot Resources

Self-serve 100LL is available at a pump managed by the Airport Authority.  These purchases are by credit card payment only.  Current price (as of October 19) is $6.75/gallon. PLEASE NOTE: pump will be out of service on Friday October 20 from approximately 6am – 2pm.  Full-serve 100LL and JetA are available from AirQuest Aviation Monday-Friday 7am-7pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am-7pm.  Call 724-586-6023 to arrange for delivery.

Free tie down is available for up to 2 days at the County tie downs; please bring your own ropes and chocks.  Then you may exit through the man gate beside Hangar C1, the building where High Flight is located.  Temporary tie downs are also available in front of the Administration/Restaurant building with exit into/through the building but be aware that entrance back in from the parking lot is limited to when the Authority office or restaurant are open.

Noise Abatement policy: all departures climb straight out to a minimum of 2000 ft before making any turns.

Guidelines for Drone Operation

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